A cult of Voodoo Doctors are casting spells, conjuring up potions and plots to descend darkness upon the streets of Digbeth.. Sunday 1st November – GLAS presents VOODOO

A tribe of party people descend upon a Digbeth warehouse. As they enter, they are met by a fortune teller and witchdoctor who reveal secrets and clues, of what awaits the day and night ahead. They explore their transformed environment; making their way from a Lost Cave, through a forest grave yard and into the Voodoo Temple. Surrounded by giant candles, fire barrels, crawling vines and mystical lanterns, people immerse themselves in this unique environment. They are fuelled by a cocktail of potions, magical cakes and a mystical tea on offer. As darkness falls a spell caster with ultimate, unstoppable and unspeakable power appears. They surrender their bodies to his conjured energy and electronic sounds holding them prisoner to this party for the next 24 hours.

Be warned: This is not for the fainthearted. GLAS presents Voodoo.

Featuring special guest:


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Fancy Dress: Calling all witches, sorcerers, & undead party animals

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