“I don’t want people to recognise me. Only people who go to clubs and see me DJing will have any idea what I look like. I’m a normal bloke and I like it that way. You walk down the street with Hype and he gets stopped the whole time. That’s my idea of hell.”

In 1996, there was a sonic double-whammy. First, Zinc knocked up a speaker-busting bootleg of The Fugees Ready Or Not that supershot him across dance floors everywhere – again. Secondly, he, Pascal and the inimitable DJ Hype set up True Playaz. “There were three of us and we were good at different things. We still are.”

During 1997 True Playaz started a monthly club event at The End, after a few years they moved to Fabric and have become the club’s most successful regular night to date.

Zinc’s key records have always been about hybrid sounds and about fusing new elements onto solid steel breaks. 138 Trek, which set the garage world alight and eventually became a Top 30 hit, was originally released in 2000 by True Playaz on the Beats By Design EP.

“I did it to show versatility,” he explains, “to prove that I could do something at that speed. I sent it to all the breaks DJs and virtually no one took any notice. It was all the garage kids on the pirates who picked it up.”