Join Cirque Du Soul part 2 of there Road To El Dorado Festival Tour and final Birmingham show of the academic year!

More details on which area of El Dorado Festival we’ll be giving you a teaser of coming soon…

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El Dorado Festival 2018 is an intimate and enchanting boutique festival from the nation’s favourite party starters, Cirque Du Soul

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???? CIRQUE DU SOUL ????

Roll up roll up.. the circus is back in town!

Cirque Du Soul is a travelling collective energy of colour, magic and dance. Across the country, we create vibrant underworlds built of playful, open-minded partygoers, massive musical variety, weird and wonderful backdrops, and an unrivalled attention to detail unique to urban clubbing.

Entry into these seductive wonderlands is coveted. Aside from its fresh selection of world class DJs and performers, each night is handcrafted and unique to the next – no singular experience is the same.

You have to play by the rules of the circus. Long tails and corsets, top hats and canes, glitter, sequins and feathers, blacks, reds, golds – the boys dress up and the girls dress down.

Cirque Du Soul’s signature cocktail of burlesque, bass and uninhibited bohemia has cemented its reputation as the nation’s favourite feel-good party with an edge.