Whichever way you look at it, you know who Sandy Rivera is. Whether it’s the words to Finally, the stunning production that infiltrates through each of his dance floor killers, or the untold mixes that have penetrated the dance charts for over 15 years! Yes… you KNOW who Sandy Rivera is.
Hailing from the music-fuelled streets of Brooklyn in earlier years, Sandy’s formative beginnings were consumed with a passion for the sounds assaulting his ears on a daily basis. Spanish funk, hip-hop beats, early electro and the burgeoning explosion of house captivated his attention and led him away from the sidewalk towards the dark and smoky halls of some of the world’s greatest clubs.

For most, it was Sandy’s modern day 2000 classic Finally as one half of Kings of Tomorrow that bought him to their attention. Featuring the vocals of Julie McKnight, the dialogue between a dead woman and God transformed through Sandy’s production into one of the most revered house tracks of all time. Licensed to a staggering 164 compilations (and counting…) it remains to this day at the top of many people’s ‘all time favourite’ lists.